Welcome to my web site where you can discover information about Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. The available information includes the following:

  1. A newspaper article highlighting my monitoring activities titled Saving our feathered friends is local man's goal from the August 11-24, 2017 issue of Almaden Times.
  2. Two videos of Zoom presentations for San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO). The first covers the species that I have had in my small nest boxes, and the second those that I have had in my large nest boxes. The second half of each discusses loss analysis.

  3. Photos taken in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park including many of the Bluebird Trail therein.

  4. Bird species I've seen in the park since April 2001.

  5. The Bluebird Trail photos, plans, and seasons results beginning with the 2004 season.

  6. A dated and somewhat inaccurate map of Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.

  7. A Google map showing the location of Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.

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