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Building Nest Boxes

Several documents are presented here each relating to the building of nest boxes. An expanded description of each is below.

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Pauser Bluebird Nest Box Plan

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Cutlist for 30 Pauser Bluebird Nest Boxes

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Building Nest Boxes and Nest Box Kits as a Group Activity

Build a Bluebird Nest Box

This document provides the information needed to build a hanging bluebird nest box specifically designed for the Western Bluebird, but the design can be scaled for other species and modified to produce a nest box that is to be mounted. The attributes of the nest box are in large part a compilation of features noted in other designs, and deemed beneficial for a successful nesting experience.

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In the event that more than 9 nest boxes are needed, a cutlist for 30 nest boxes is provided. Click on the ICON titled Cutlist for 30 Pauser Bluebird Nest Boxes to open the article.

Build a Barn Owl Box Modeled after an Original Design by Steve Simmons

The Barn Owl box design in this article was developed by Steve Simmons of Merced, California, and has been in extensive use since 1995 in the region near Merced in the northern end of the Central Valley of California.

Simmons has become a significant contributor to bird ecology through a massive program of building nest boxes, followed by studying the occupants via banding. An interest in wood duck populations led him to begin building and installing wood duck boxes along the Merced River in the early 1970s.

For years Simmons has monitored hundreds of these Barn Owl boxes, and banded over 14,000 Barn Owls by 2010. Working with students from the University of California at Davis, Washington State University, California State University at Chico, and the California Polytechnic University, he has noted Barn Owl courtship behavior, deciphered their diet, observed the competition between owls and other avian species, and experimented with variations in siting, mounting and designs of the box.

The article addresses numerous aspects and issues including:

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Building Nest Boxes and Kits as a Group Activity

Building nest boxes for birds is a wonderful activity which serves to educate the public about wildlife and to build camaraderie in groups. It is an especially useful method to educate children about environmental problems.

A practical barrier to building nest boxes is that of just getting started: locating plans, tools, materials, and, hopefully, an experienced helper or two. An alternative is to buy a nest box kit which is ready to assemble. This article is written to provide assistance in two areas:

  1. It provides plans and instructions for making and assembling one or a few nest boxes with a simple design. Such information is available from many sources, and references are provided for more extensive information.
  2. It provides information on methods with which volunteers can mass produce nest box kits ready for assembly. This information is rather unique and probably not available elsewhere. Having these kits readily available increases the number of boxes which could be assembled, for example, by school children

The article is tempered with experience and tips derived from the experiences of volunteers in making and helping assemble nearly 1000 nest box kits in Silicon Valley over the past decade.

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